Alpe Adria VHF 2014.


QSOs map:


Top 10 QSO:

Nr. Call Mode QRB
1.  SO3Z  SSB  727
2.  DL5ZL  CW  723
3.  SP6TRX  SSB  645
4.  I1RJP  SSB  609
5.  OM0WR  SSB  592
6.  IK8YSW  SSB  592
7.  IQ8BI  SSB  592
8.  OM0TT  CW  549
9.  IZ7FLS  SSB  539
10.  IZ7UMS  SSB  531


Operators: 9A2WJ, 9A2HW, 9A6NDD

See you in IARU VHF ctest!



9A Microwave Contest 2014.

That was our first contest in 2014. and first microwave contest generally. We worked from our location in JN75XW (probably we will change location with better (because what we have a bad take off in E&S directions). We worked on 23cm, with 5W and 55 elements tonna antenna. Also, we worked only on Sunday. Parallel I worked for 9A1CZG and for my own call sing 9A6NDD. For 9A1CZG I had help from 9A3PM and 9A3AQ (for my own call sing I worked alone – single op… in results 9a6ndd is in Multi OP, because what I had help on others band… unfamiliarity with the rules from my side …update 19.06.2014. sorry for confuse). Also, I worked few QSOs on 3, 6 and 9 cm band with big help from 9A3AQ (he brought all equipments and antenna for these bans). Of course, results for this band will be in multiop category.

Whether was nice, on the moment too hot, but that was nice day. Wife from 9A3AQ, Miss Vesna, made great lunch and we had a great time.

Tnx to all for QSOs.


And pictures:
73 de 9a6ndd





Short report 😉

Locator: JN75XV

Operators: 9A2HW, 9A6NDD

Eq: Ic706MkIIg + PA 90W + 21 el. Tonna + 23 el. DK7ZB

WX: cold, rainy, fogy…

QSO: 153

ODX: HB9HLM;706 km



Tnx to all for QSOs and points! See you in next contest!

73 de 9A1CZG team